Saturday, September 24, 2005

Review Copy Review - Dorothy IV

Dorothy of Oz IV: "The Fool": Whoa. Just, whoa. I know what I expect from an Oz comic book, even a "dark" comic like this... but whoa. This was not at all what I was expecting. I mean... I was certain it would be intense, and it was. And I was certain it would be fascinating, and oh it was. But this... Whoa. Um... Wow.

Where to start... This issue was incredible. I'm going to have to go back and reread the first three, but this one just took Oz in an entirely different direction than I've ever seen it go before. I think the trade, which as I understand it will end on this issue, will make for very very interesting reading for Oz fans who don't mind re-interpretations of Oz.

In this issue we learn a bit more about the history of the Scarecrow. And this is not the gentle Scarecrow of Baum's tales. At least, his history isn't gentle. He tells Dorothy a story that his maker told to him, apparently not realizing it's his own. And it's brutal and intense and made all the more interesting by the fact that Dorothy is asking only to distract herself from the pain of the injury she sustained in the last issue.

The Scarecrow's malapropisms and made-up words worked nicely in his telling of the story. I liked the way the art blended and seemed a bit less polished and detailed in some parts of the Scarecrows story, while other parts were vividly remembered, like memories that stuck or faded. The only bit that confused me was the part with "Malo", who didn't seem to fit visually into the scene he was in. I think his outfit just didn't fit the "time", which is an odd thing to say considering the weapon he was packing and the enemy he was fighting.

From the first issue, this comic has been consistently good and different. But this issue just cranked it all up a notch, and I'm really eager to see what happens next. I'm really enjoying this version of Oz.

Wiki. NOTE: This comic book is not for children or folks who have a very narrow definition of what Oz ought to be. For everyone else, this is Recommended. 4 starfish