Saturday, November 19, 2005

Random Thoughts

Brian Wood links to another comic book database resource. I just wish all of the resources could get together and make one big definitive resource.

Linda Medley updates us on the new Castle Waiting.

Read House of the Ded's Linkdump.

Will Pfeifer posts audio of Jerry Lewis being attacked.

Johnny B's NFL picks.

Huh. I wouldn't mind buying one of these. I'd really like to put it through its paces and see what the kids will be able to do with it. I'm also impressed with it's alternate state. I hope they market something similar at a similar price point in the States.

Fish from heaven. A very strange plan for a little understood problem.

Ooooh, the Sears Wishbook. I remember pouring over it every year and pointing out things we wanted that we would never get, and a handful of things that would show up under the tree on Christmas morning. What a trip. I just wish the whole book was scanned.

Advice time: my husband uses a Mac, and he needs a good image editing program that isn't expensive. He's been having little/no luck finding a program that he likes. So all you Mac users out there, feel free to send us a nice comment with suggestions.

More Advice time: I'm looking into getting a new laptop sometime in late December, early January. I'd appreciate any links to good places to buy, as a supplement to my own research. What I really want is a place where I can fiddle with the design of the laptop and get something that's actually suited to me, and not just a prepackaged deal. I want to be able to compare the features I want with their costs in a final machine.

And yes, yes... I will review Aquaman and Infinite Crisis soon. I haven't been delaying on purpose, I just got unexpectedly busy this week.