Friday, December 23, 2005


Guess who beat Metallica?

Johnny B's NFL Predictions. He predicts the Seahawks will beat the Colts. I sure hope so.

The annual really hard quiz from King William's College. Via MetaFilter, where the posters are also attempting to solve the quiz.

Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2005.

Not In Our Town. "In 1993, a series of racist incidents plagued Billings, Montana. When a brick was thrown through 5 year old Issac Schnitzer's menorah-decorated window, the predominantly non-Jewish city responded in a remarkable way: the local paper printed thousands of menorahs, and people displayed them in their windows as a gesture of solidarity." Via MetaFilter.

How to tell if you are being snooped by the government. For tech-saavy only.