Saturday, January 21, 2006

How About A Little Linkdump

Free Comic Book Day Sponsors have been announced. DC once again really missed the boat by not putting out a sampler or something with a little new material. I think they should have put in a very short JLU story along with little previews of some of their other books. Oh well. As usual, I recommend that if you are already a regular customer of your local shop that you offer to help the owner with the costs of Free Comic Book Day by buying your Free Books. Not only will you be more likely to get all of them, the owner will be able to give more away. It goes against instinct, I know, but the books are NOT free to the shop owners. Support the industry, support your local shop.

Mark Evanier's latest There's No Such Website wasn't too hard. Both Eric and I got the answer on the first try.

Aaron Williams directs us to a very scary Japanese Spider-Man show. You absolutely MUST watch the opening credits and read the translations.

Johnny B's penultimate NFL picks. Let's hope he's right about the Seahawks, cuz then Eric and I can plan to pay off the bet.

Thank you to Elayne and Neilalien, who blogged the Aquaversary.

Batman LEGO sets. Ok, I think I want Two-Face. But then, I wanted the Spidey LEGO, and I don't think I got any of those.

Another reason to listen to Barenaked Ladies (besides them doing a song that mentioned Aquaman): They understand what copyright is really for, and support sensible solutions instead of kneejerk suing and stupidity. Via dewline.

Quite possibly the first positive review of the Aquaman video game I've seen.

Dave talks about Movie Theaters, and how crappy the moviegoing experience often is. I agree with him. I usually have poor moviegoing experiences, regardless of how good the movie is, because theaters are so badly mismanaged nowadays.