Sunday, January 22, 2006

How About a Bigger Linkdump?

Dorothy folks want suggestions for merchandise. No, hubby-Eric, I'm not getting you a Dorothy G-String. Nor are you going to get me one.

Get Electric Girl into your library. I checked, my library carries the first two volumes. But still, vote on the posters. I like poster #3, personally.

Pal Dorian has started a meme.

Speaking of memes, Diane Duane reports that there's a Green Lantern drawing meme going around now.

Suspension of Disbelief on the Shabbos dinner in Action Comics #835. Seems like Superman committed all sorts of offenses.

Joss Whedon is my master now, but I'm not sure I'll be getting his screenwriting DVD.

Rick Geerling was mugged and shot three times in the leg.

Kaja Foglio on Mad Scientists.

Happy Birthday to Robert E. Howard.

Watch the Bigfoot Animated GIF. Speaking of Bigfoot, here's a response to a so-called debunking of Bigfoot.

The Seattle Times reports that the three finalists for the design of the Washington State quarter have been chosen. I can't stand the one with the apples, but the other two look good to me.

Washington State Coin Designs

Idiots try to disrupt the annual visit to Poe's grave. Sheesh, folks. Just leave the guy alone for his tribute. Stop trying to find out who it is.

I may have to get this collection of Draco Tavern short stories. I just like the concept.

Another NBA player jumps into the stands. But this time it's for a good reason. He went to stop a fan from harrassing his wife. A fan that later threatened to sue him! Shessh. I say ban the "fan" from NBA games for life.

George Takei to play Sulu again in a fan production. I wanna see! Sulu was my first TV crush.

Experts are trying to find out why a whale wandered up the Thames and later died during a rescue attempt.

Legal efforts against filesharers hasn't stopped filesharing. Surprise surprise.