Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More on Women in Comics

The second part of The Tit Grab Heard 'Round the World has been posted, and the usual idiots immediately came out of the woodwork. The first was an idiot who said "*Yawn* Can we get back to comics?" I'd just like to say that people like that are actively supporting scum who abuse and harrass women. If you whine that the subject isn't important, then you are guilty of helping molesters get away with their crimes. I can understand the desire to not talk about it, but if you are in that camp: just don't talk about it. Don't imply that people who do talk about it are boring, just say nothing and move along. You will still be guilty of ignoring the problem, but you won't be guilty of supporting the scum who abuse and harrass.

There were other, much worse comments. But I consider people who try to shout down the folks who have the courage to complain as guilty of the lesser crime of supporting abusers. For all I know, those writing the worse comments could well be the abusers themselves. They sure act like it.

The Beat weighs in. The "next entry" she is talking about is this.

Lea Hernandez has a lot more on comic book culture.

Elayne Riggs on entering the clubhouse.

I appear to have made Carnival of the Feminists #7.