Sunday, January 22, 2006


The Seahawks are going to the Big Game! For the first time ever, I will be watching the Super Bowl for something more than just the ads!

Seahawks Logo

Ok, folks. There will be a party at our house. The day before the Super Bowl we're having our usual Doctor Who party... we're gonna extend it out to Super Bowl Sunday (although we hope most people will find another place to sleep for the night to give us time to clean up).

If you're local enough, and want to come party with us, consider this an open invitation. You can root for your favorite team, as long as it's not Pittsburgh. The ads are often good, too.

Game starts 3:30 pm Seattle time on February 5th, party starts 2:00 pm Seattle time on the 4th with lots of Doctor Who goodness (Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor, is the focus of the Who-stuff). Wireless internet is available for folks who want to bring a computer, and we are generally alcohol-free, so BYOB if you want to drink (and please don't plan on getting drunk). The Doctor Who party is a potluck, so bring snacks if you can. We'll also be serving a small meal during the Super Bowl, so feel free to augment it with more food. We'll even have a little tiny bit of crash space for one or two folks who feel like rolling out a sleeping bag on the floor (Carolyn, wanna visit?).

Anyone who wants details or something, drop me a line to with a subject of "Seahawks Party" so I don't mistake it for spam.