Sunday, April 16, 2006

Google Calendar

When I dumped MS Outlook for Thunderbird, I only had one regret. The calendar program in Outlook was pretty good, and I used it quite a bit to keep myself on track. The replacement suggested for Mozilla was... let's just say it was lacking. The recurring events were poorly implemented, it was a big memory hog, and it just wasn't suited to what I needed it for. Rather than return to Outlook just for the calendar, I struggled along. Then I found Stickies, and that completely solved my need for recurring event reminders. But I still didn't have a good calendar program, and while I don't need one badly, I would still like to have one...

And along came Google with their brand new offering: Google Calendar!

It's not perfect, of course, but it offers all the bits I want from a calendar program. It's quick, it allows me to import ical formatted calendars, and it's simple to use. Added bonus: it's really easy to share calendars with other people, which is often the main point of having a program like this.

My first thought after playing with it for awhile... it's time to put the 1976 DC Calendar into a ical format and share it with the world. While I haven't finished editing it yet, the entire calendar is now available in ical format (and RSS feed, too, apparently) for everyone to enjoy.