Monday, April 17, 2006

Random Comic-y Thoughts

The Comic Queen, Eric Schadt's Emerald City Comicon report. And if that wasn't enough, Kirk Jarvinen's Con Report.

Jeff Parker is doing an Alex Toth book. The description is enough to make comic fans drool: "twenty years worth of doodles and sketches that Alex would send to friend John Hitchcock". Looking forward to seeing this one.

Folks who've been following my insanity for a few years know that I'm really interested in Sales Data, and I've been charting Aquaman sales data for years. Now Comic Buyer's Guide has posted sales data going back to April 1997. I'm working on comparing it to the data I already have from other sources for Aquaman, but so far it's mostly matching up pretty well.

Who is the next Stan Lee? AiT/Planet Lar reports that Graeme McMillan thinks it's Larry Young. I actually agree with this to a large extent. One thing that Larry has been doing ever since he appeared on the scene has been making comics better. The books he's been putting out have pushed the boundaries and increased the profile of really worthwhile writers and artists. I can't help but be impressed with the way he's reached out to a new generation of fans using the internet, especially since I'm one of those fans he's reached out to. I'm a person who is watching the changes in the industry with fascination, even while being a vehement fan of the old school stories. I think Larry Young is blazing a trail and showing others how it's done. You want to see where comics are going, keep an eye on Larry.

Right, moving on from the praise... Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #46.

Lady Blackhawk goes bad. Another great spotlight from Silver Age Comics.

Polite Dissent on Superman giving blood... without ripping open his own arm. Hmmmmm....

And finally, this video is truly awful, but the ending really makes up for a lot of it.