Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Journalista has a bit of a comment about on-line comics...

The notion that the Internet might be the saving grace for serialized comics is actually fairly well-entrenched, at this point. In fact, they’ve already demonstrated the potential to not only assist in marketing but actually exceed and replace the profit once earned by comic books. Creators like Carla Speed McNeil and the Foglios turned to the Web because most comics shops are too focused upon servicing the desires of thirty-year-old Wolverine fans to be of much use to anyone else.
A person who is saavy with the net and can build a decent website can promote their comic with considerably less cost and frustration than dealing with the monopoly of Diamond Distributors or the razor-thin margins of comic shop owners struggling to survive in a tough market. Presenting a collection of an already popular comic for sale will make more money in the end than attempting to put out single issues and being crushed by the realities of the market. That's all presuming you have a product that is good enough to find a readership.

On that note, I just want to point out that Galaxion has just started a new story over on GirlAMatic. Pages will update every Tuesday. Put it on your weekly checklist.

Crime and the Comic Book Shop.

Lost Girls banned in Canada. Well, at least Customs won't let it in.

Shrek the Halls. Hmmm. Could be fun.

Strange Maps.

Awwww... Cute!