Monday, March 26, 2007

McDonald's of Oz, Part 3

With reports coming out on Eric's Oz Mailing List that people were already seeing The Cowardly Lion at McDonald's, we decided that I'd better see what the store had today instead of waiting until Friday. However, I really didn't want to eat another Happy Meal. Ok, I admit, some small part of me craves the stuff, but my stomach isn't small and wasn't doing the craving. After the potluck at our Torchwood party on Saturday, and two Happy Meals in the last week, I really wanted some real food for lunch. So I was hoping I could buy just the toys and escape with my health intact.

Just in case I did need to eat at McDonald's, I wanted to go on a walk today. We had a couple of letters to mail, so I used that as my excuse to walk to the post office. After I got to the post office, I decided to continue on to UW Bothell to see if the bookstore there had a sketchbook. While I don't suspect my current sketchbook will get filled at Emerald City Comicon, I don't like to take risks. So I walked down to UW Bothell, and checked out the bookstore, which was humming with business. No joy, the only sketchbooks they had were the larger size, and I prefer small ones.

Once I was home, a quick check on the pedometer gave me a total for my walk of about 2.25 miles. Not bad. That's enough to cancel the calories in a Happy Meal if I got one. And so I hopped in the car and drove up to the other McDonald's, since I'd already determined in my last two visits that the downtown location doesn't like me.

Despite it being lunchtime, there wasn't a huge rush, so I didn't feel bad about asking just for the toys. The gal at the counter was happy to sell them to me, after showing me the Cowardly Lion, which I wanted. I asked if they might have any leftover Dorothys, since hubby-Eric had only gotten one of those, and she said she'd check in a moment, so I stepped aside.

Her manager spotted me, and asked me (in a thick Spanish accent) what was up. I explained that I was trying to get the toys for a collector. Her eyes lit up and she told me to wait. She went into the depths of the store and came back momentarily with two Cowardly Lions and two Wicked Witches of the West. She apologized, said these were all they had at the moment, and sold them to me. No food required. Thank goodness.

Wicked Witch of the West and the Lion

Tally so far: 1 Dorothy, 2 Glinda, 2 Wicked Witch of the West, 2 Cowardly Lion, and one big bruise on my left leg.

UPDATE: After calling around town, I found a McDonald's with a Dorothy still in stock, and got my butt down there and bought it. So the new tally is 2 each of the first four figures in the set. Huzzah.