Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Emerald City Comicon Report 2007 - Part II

Ah, more of the con report! Be sure to read Part I if you haven't already, as this leads on just about directly from it...

After visiting with Paul Chadwick and Mike Grell, Lisa and I headed back to base camp, the Illusive Arts booth. Before we reached it, we passed by the Unshelved booth, and I started to tell Lisa about what a great comic it is. Originally she was simply stopped short by the t-shirts, but she quickly picked up on my enthusiasm for the strip. Bill Barnes was in the booth, and willing to do a couple of very quick sketches. The one he did for me is great, and he did a good one for Lisa too. Lisa bought Volume One of their book, and considered a t-shirt, and we continued back to base camp.

When we got there, Anna Boersig told me that I'd made a sale for them with my pre-con report, as someone came by to ask after me and bought Tony Loco. We established that it was "my fanboy". I must confess, that tickled me even more than someone wanting to have his picture taken with me!

At this point, I think, Anna "branded" me with one of the new Dorothy temporary tattoos. It's still on my left hand, days later.

As it was lunchtime, Lisa pulled out the trail mix and water, and we ate a bit. I then stood up and "helped" with the booth while Lisa dug into the Unshelved book she'd bought. She kept giggling as she read, so I think she was really enjoying it. After spending some time in the booth, I walked around the immediate area, including back over to Comics Fairplay, and chatted with some folks.

We finally decided to brave the crowds again, and off we went into the wilds of the con floor. We headed back to Artist Alley and found Alex Maleev, who did an Aquaman sketch for me last year, and trolled him.

Torvald and Alex Maleev

Next up I trolled Stephen Sadowski, who has done multiple sketches for me, then we visited Mike Grell again. This time I got a sketch from him. He realized after he'd started that I was an Aquaman fan, so he drew Green Arrow underwater. He is also the person who best managed to duplicate the look of the troll in his troll picture:

Torvald and Mike Grell

We went back to the other end of Artist Alley and I asked Taki Soma for a sketch, and got a great one. We also stopped and chatted with P'la Jarvinen for a time. Lisa got a sketch from Kirk, with a Doctor Who theme.

At some point in there, we decided that I needed to continue the Farscape tradition, as Virginia Hey was the first person to get her picture taken with Torvald. So we went and trolled Wayne Pygram, who played Scorpius on Farscape.

Torvald and Wayne Pygram

NOTE: In case you didn't notice, clicking on any Troll picture will take you to the full page of Travels With The Troll - Emerald City Comicon 2007.

About this time we headed back to Illusive, and I trolled Kieron Dwyer and Frank Cho. Trolling Cho was interesting. We got in line because the line was short. It was short because Cho wasn't actually there at the moment, but was rumored to be "headed back". Just about the moment I decided that it was going to take too long, Cho arrived back... then walked away again. Still, I chose to stay, just in case he was sketching. As it turns out, he wasn't. But that's fine, because the troll turns out to be a wonderful back-up plan if somebody turns me down for a sketch.

Torvald and Frank Cho

At the Illusive Arts booth, Rafael Navarro decided it was time to do my sketch. Again we rested in the booth and helped out a little while. I also trolled Power Girl as she walked by, Mark Masterson of Dorothy (whose picture didn't quite turn out), Scott Kurtz and his wife, and eventually Rafael Navarro. Anna and I also had a confirmed Furry sighting. I believe Heidi even got a posed shot of him, later. Anna and I took pictures of him while he stopped at the booth across from Illusive.

After Rafe finished my sketch, he started working on one for Lisa, who wandered on her own for a bit. I also wandered alone for awhile, and went over to say hi again to Gail Simone and Taki Soma. I noticed as I approached that there were only a couple of people in line for Brian Michael Bendis, a first for the con! I ran over and got in line, and when I turned around, there were about fifty people behind me. But I got there in time, and I trolled Brian Michael Bendis!

Torvald and Brian Michael Bendis

I think that's enough for the moment, although I'm getting near the end of day one. So I'll stop off for now and write more tomorrow...