Thursday, August 09, 2007

Huge Linkdump with Chocolate Milkshakes and Giant LEGOs

Comic Book Idol is returning. I really enjoyed the last round they did, so I'm looking forward to seeing this one. The winner gets a trip to New York, but the real winners are the fans who get to see a lot of great artwork throughout the contest.

New Comic Book Day Bingo.

Mike Sterling reports on the robbery at his store.

Pal Dorian (and quite a few others actually) reports on a server attack on Dorian writes about the problem much more eloquently than I could, so go read.

Garrett alerts us to an interesting story involving works licensed under the Creative Commons. Apparently an ad agency in Australia is using CC licensed work without notifying the photographers or the subjects of the photo.

Here's an interesting interview with Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel. Well, I found it interesting. We don't usually look at the infrastructure of our society. Perhaps we ought to be paying more attention. This is one show that isn't afraid to look deep.

Welcome to Cleveland. Only...

I'm not getting up at 3 am to see the total lunar eclipse, but I wish I could. I have seen one, once. It was amazing.


I want one of these to wash up in front of my house. I love the shirt. "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE". Hmmm.

Animation for Short Attention Spans. Including an Oz film. Cool!

Presenting 12 Memorable Newspaper Comics Strip Deaths. I like the last entry a LOT.

The Ten Best Bands That Never Existed. Again, I like the last entry.

Yangtze river dolphin declared extinct. More from the late Douglas Adams.

I love minions.

The Seattle Times explains tips and what happens to them behind the scenes.

Brooklyn Tornado, no, not a sports team.

Arrested for not watering her lawn? Well, not exactly, but still!

Skeleton in Diving Gear found in Puget Sound.

Do you love science enough to get a DNA tattoo?

AT&T censors Pearl Jam. This is another example that shows why Net Neutrality is essential. Imagine AT&T in charge of what you can see on the internet. Now imagine they don't like your opinion. Oops. You are silenced. Net Neutrality NOW.

Speaking of AT&T, Boing Boing has a story of how they fought for privacy against an intrusive government wanting to wiretap... 80 years ago.

Vintage Seattle visits the old brewery and takes some fantastic pictures.

Paul Merton (wonderful Brit comedian), hanging out in China, hunts down a robot farmer. "With a university education, he'd probably be running the Chinese space program by now." (Aside: Paul Merton was brilliant in the memorable Tub of Lard episode of Have I Got News For You)

Chocolate Milkshakes Can Save Your Life!