Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Linkdump

Happy Birthday, Kurt!

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #120.

Bully's Ten of a Kind: Comic Takeover.

The Power of the Press. Carl Sifakis and Joe Sacco tell us about the Boxer Rebellion.

Johnny B's Fearless NFL Predictions, week 2. I hope he's wrong about the Seahawks.

Doctor Who Church Services and knit Daleks. This has been your Who update for the day.

How to Knit Marzipan. I've only had marzipan once: homemade and fresh. I enjoyed it.

I have to admit, the description of the Giant Palouse Earthworm makes it sound like a mythical beast: "Up to a yard long and known to spit on attackers... The giant worm is the largest and longest-lived earthworm in North America. It is reported to have a peculiar flowery smell, and to be cream-colored or pinkish-white. It has been reported to spit at attackers and move quickly through the soil to escape predators."

Too cool!

The Annotated Constitution.

Student Loan Scandal. Wasting the taxpayers' money by giving lots of cash to banks.

Pug in webcomic.