Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Continuing Opera of our Car Woes

So... Eric's shop couldn't determine the problem this morning. The car refused to die. They flushed the fuel system and were able to rule out bad gasoline. Otherwise... they just don't know. So one of the mechanics plans to take the car home tonight, with a full toolbox, and see if he can get it to die while he's driving it today or tomorrow morning. Let's all hope he manages to get the car to die.

In the meantime, my car needs to go to my shop tomorrow morning to fix the problems we knew about when I bought the car. So Eric gets the loaner tomorrow, and I finally get my own car back, yay!

What we really need is another car to replace Eric's, but despite my careful work getting mine, we can't afford another one.

The stress has caused a fibro flare-up, which has resulted in a mental fog, which is why I'm not doing more proper linkblogging or Aquaman reviews. I just can't think. I'm just barely managing to keep the car mess sorted out.