Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Name of the Car

The minivan, of which I've complained bitterly about here on this blog, was named "Vincent" for obvious reasons. Despite my complaints, Vincent was a great van that lasted a long time and served me very well for many years.

Our other car is named "Benny", which is technically short for Bernadette. Benny's middle name is "Surprise!" like Bernice Summerfield in the Doctor Who books... because she was a bit of a surprise.

Benny replaced Wanda the Honda, who belonged to Eric's mother before being passed along to Eric.

Other named cars in Eric's family include two volkswagens named Victor and Victoria, two pickups named Henry the Goer (until it broke down and became Henry the Stopper) and Clanky Franky, and two vans named Cliburn and Morrison. Eric also had a Fiesta he wanted to name Paco, but it came to be known as Fester instead.

So we wanted to come up with an appropriate name for my purple Chevy Cavalier and continue the tradition. I got a lot of GREAT suggestions here on the blog, but none of them seemed to fit. So it was with a little surprise that, while driving the car today, I blurted out the name "Cody" in referring to it. I have no idea where the name came from, but it really sounded right. And the car didn't seem to object to it, either.

My car is now named "Cody the Cavalier". And hopefully that's all you'll be hearing about it on this blog for a good long time.