Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Still slowly catching up with my blog reading from the last few weeks....

Jeff Parker's short Hallowe'en story.

The second origin of the second Two-Face. Going a bit far in those twos, aren't they?

The Bad Astronomer shows off his telescope. You have to click the thumbnail to see the full picture, if you dare.

Fun football play: Trinity TX Laterals Their Way to Division III Win. You have to watch an annoying ad before the play starts, but it's still fun.

How to drive in snow, timely advice from Making Light.

Surplus Sodium dumped in a lake after WWII. Wow.

Invasion of the Garden Gnomes. This story was worth it entirely for the quote from Capt. Richard Harrison, "We need to get them out of here. Every time I leave my office they're sitting in my chair, working on my computer. I can't seem to get rid of the darn things."

I need to see this episode of Mythbusters.

Remember Card Catalogs? Now you can generate your own. I have this whelming urge to make these for all the stuff in my home. Luckily, it's not overwhelming.

What time of day should you take your medicine? Currently, medical testing doesn't take into account the time of day.

The Twitter Cookbook.

Project Download. Click to help. I'm just curious to see if MegaUpload will actually pay out. So spread the link around and let's see if we can't get the downloads up to five million.

Another click you can do: CBGXtra has a banner ad to donate 10 cents to HERO. Go click!

You can play the Doctor Who interactive game Attack of the Graske on-line, Morgan tells us how.

In other Doctor Who "news": The Pumpkin of Rassilon, huzzah!

More Doctor Who: The Ten Doctor, a fan comic that is WELL WORTH following. It's at 65 pages and counting. Thanks Garret!

Eh, let's continue the Doctor Who: Steampunk Dalek!

And lastly... for the in-laws: Wanna go to the Pug Party?