Saturday, July 25, 2009


Eisner Award Winners. Hubby-Eric and I read the list together and cheered for our favorites who won, including Tiny Titans (yay!) and Sunday Press Books' Little Nemo in Slumberland reprint (we just got the Oz reprint and hung out with the publisher at the Oz convention).

Ichiro and Obama.

Classic Doctor Who Review: The Mind Robber.

I think my big brother should build one of these for the goats his family is raising.

Not the best retirement cake ever, but there's no accounting for tastes.

One fifth of the world's population cannot see the Milky Way at night due to light pollution. I wish we, as a society, could reduce the amount of light we allow to spill out all over at night. I have a particular hatred for a business about three blocks over from my house whose security lights shine in our windows at night, instead of at the lot they ought to be protecting.

Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths. I'm 100% for a single-payer system like Canada. Insurance companies that profit from killing people by denying them needed care should by abolished and all their CEOs thrown in prison. But I'll settle for just getting a decent health care system.

A disturbingly wonderful headline.

I'm going with MIB myself.

It's juvenile, but I laughed anyway.