Thursday, April 01, 2010


On most days, you should trust the internet about as far as you can throw an elephant. On this day, you should not trust the internet at ALL. Anything you read online today must be taken with a large grain of salt, and then confirmed by multiple sources on a different day, before you even consider the possibility that it may be true.

A good April Fool joke will be plausible but not hurtful, amusing but believable, and easy to confirm as false (I usually include a link to an "April Fool!" page). But many pranksters don't follow the "rules", so just don't believe anything until it's been confirmed on another day by a reliable source.

For an ongoing list of the best jokes, check out April Fools' Day On The Web. And for the April Fool haters, yeah, whatever. It's important to be silly on occasion, so I support being amused by today, even if you don't participate. If you get grumpy about it, people just think you fell for a prank and are bitter about it.