Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Linkdump

Still trying to catch up on old links I have saved, and clean up my Google Reader...

Tim Gunn on Superhero costumes, and more here. I've liked Tim Gunn since I first saw him in a Late Late Show Aquaman sketch, but he doesn't criticize Aquaman's costume in these.

I'm trying out a program called f.lux, which changes your computer monitor colors based on the time of day. I'm hoping the more muted colors will maybe help me sleep better.

How to Encrypt Your USB Thumb Drive.

Set the Wayback Machine!

Doctor Who T-Shirts I want: Salvador Dalek. Don't miss the Venn Diagram.

More Comic Book Legends Revealed...

  • #240: Lynn Varley, Frank Quitely, and AJ Lieberman.
  • #241: WWII Slogans, Mariko, and Night Thrasher.
  • #242: Worst Boyfriend, Red Tornado, and more Red Tornado.
  • #243: Marvel Westerns, Beta Ray Bill, and J.T. Krul.
  • #244: Superman Musical, Power Rangers, and Spider-Man cartoon.
  • #245: Exclamation Points, Champions, and The Order.
  • #246: Adastra, Indiana Jones, and Howling Commandos.
  • #247: Wally Wood, Sauron, and Marvel movie adaptations.
  • #248: Seven Soldiers of Victory, Kamandi, and Captain America.
Heartbreaking, in more ways than one: I Should Have Read My Islamic Marriage Contract.

Darryl Cunningham on Electroconvulsive Therapy. I really really want a copy of his book, Psychiatric Tales, but it's not available in the United States yet.

For the in-laws: Pug Flower, Pup or Seal?, Krazy Glue, Pug meal, Oscar the Pug, Teen Wolf Pug, Bleh, and Pupal Stage of the Pug.