Saturday, May 15, 2010

What, Another Linkdump?

What women REALLY want.

Terry Pratchett says Doctor Who isn't Science Fiction. Well, duh. It's always been fantasy, maybe even science fantasy.

Toughs and Toffs and what happened to the boys snapped in that 1937 picture.

Cat and Wii Fit. *sigh*

Message in a bottle.

And yet more Comic Book Legends Revealed:

  • #249: Bruce Banner, Watchmen, and Mike Sekowsky.
  • #250: Suing for credit, Sentry, and Venom.
  • #251: X-Men vs. Avengers, Captain America, and Earth Day.
  • #252: Frank Frazetta, EC Comics, and Dreadknight.
  • #253: The Phantom, Sappho, and Jack Kirby's Thing.
  • #254: DC Comics Presents #97, Steve Gerber, Spectre, and Howard the Duck.
  • #255: Teddy bear, Translation Confusion, and Modesty Blaise.
  • #256: Black Panther, Kirby Horror, and Spider-Man.
  • #257: Robotman, Deadman, and Arnold Drake's Doom Patrol.
  • #258: Alias #1, Captain Wonder, and Barb Wire.
  • #259: Sid Greene, Sergio Aragones, and Renamed Characters.
  • #260: Doctor Droom, Magneto, and Gen13.
Incredible pictures of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano from Mid-April. Bonus Video, how to pronounce it (ay-uh-fyat-luh-yoe-kuut):

Be sure to watch until at least 2 minutes in! Eyja (ay-uh) = island, Fjalla (fyat-luh) = mountain, and Jokull (yu-kuut) = Glacier. Now you know.

Moron sues his neighbor because moron thinks Wi-Fi made him sick. Best comment: We had something similar happening here, where people started complaining about the electromagnetic field from a cell repeater tower. PR statement from the telco: "Gee, wonder what it'll be like when we turn it on in a few weeks..." Needless to say that the court tossed the suit without a hearing.

Animated Oil Spill, in case you didn't have a good enough sense of the disaster.

For the in-laws: Muppug, Sad Pug, Faked out Pug, Inflatable Pug?, and Pug with an alien problem.

LOLCat Theology: Basement Dog wishes to corrupt you, Ceiling Cat protects you from evil, Basement Kitten Infiltrates Heaven, Basement Cat disappoints Dog, Basement Cat doesn't taste evil, Basement Cat's Mom, High Calorie Souls, Baptism? Cat?, and a Basement Cat request.