Thursday, May 13, 2010

Current Spam Attack

I've been getting a lot of comments that have a very generic "I liked this post" type of comment, followed by a long series of periods ......... which are actually links to a spam site. Anyone else getting these right now? I've had to delete them from a bunch of my blogs.


Wings said...

Occasionally, but not really regular. I just delete and move on.

Jon K said...

I get those on my various blogs, as well as ones that are just a bunch of Kanji that link to some site or another... I've never actually followed the links myself.

My Godzilla blog was being spammed for a while by someone who was desperately trying to drive traffic to his own Godzilla blog or something like that, where every comment of his had a link to his site.

It does seem to happen in waves, though... I won't get anything for a while, and then it's day after day!

Tegan said...

It's happening pretty nonstop on Bloggity right now, frequent on my Aquaman page, and occasional on Eric's blogs. Very annoying.

Shelly said...

Yeah, it's the reason I turned moderation back on. All my blogs have been getting it. Sometimes, they say, Keep up the good work. Then the string of links. A lot are in Chinese characters, too.