Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Links for Folks Who Like Links

Thirty years ago: Mt St Helens dumped ash on Yakima, and created a new ecosystem around the mountain.

The Green Children of Woolpit, were they aliens? Or just a couple of lost and sick kids...?

Love, True Love.

Ah, the difference between toys for boys versus toys for girls. Any child of mine will grow up with LEGO.

I feel even less secure about flying after reading this article about a pilot who faked his license.

Teaching Math. I find the debate on MetaFilter to be surprisingly illuminating.

Basement Cat brainwashes Child.

And lastly, Aquaman has some serious explaining to do:

Aquaman Drills for Oil


Wings said...

No picture there, just a giant x-ed out hotlinking word.

Jared said...

... Oh, Aquaman...

Wings said...

And no it is there, as soon as I posted the comment and clicked "subscribe", the pic appeared.

And yeah, what is Aquaman thinking?

Carolyn said...

Lego rocks!