Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golden Age Cookies

While looking at a Golden Age All-American Comic, I noticed this ad, and found that I wanted to try out my new baking prowess with a very old recipe printed in a comic book.

So when we went shopping, I picked up a jumbo Baby Ruth bar and some more sugar, and yesterday I mixed up a batch of these things. Because the ad recipe says to chill the dough, I left it overnight and baked up the cookies today.

The results were... mixed. The cookies themselves were wonderful sugar cookies that I managed to get to an almost perfect crispness. The Baby Ruth pieces weren't quite enough, though. I should have gotten two regular bars like the husband suggested instead of a single jumbo. Maybe next time, if I do a next time.

Anyway, here's a few of the best examples of the result.

Golden Age Cookies

The not as best examples included lots of cookies where the candy bits caramelized and made messy blobs of candy. Some of them even ended up with holes in the cookies where the caramel blobbed out. The cookies themselves tasted fine, but I didn't get a lot of chocolate.