Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Linkages for Tuesday

Comic Book Legends Revealed #263: Marvel Zombie, Thomas Zuvembies, and 'Mazing Man Zombie.

Rachel Hartman explain why she's not doing Amy Unbounded.

I've seen the news of new Torchwood all over, but none stranger than at Cryptomundo.

I actually like "reverse graffiti", but didn't realize it was being used for ads. *sigh*

This is a better use of sidewalks.

Naked Comet coming! What? Oh, right. Naked EYE comet. Just means we can see it without a telescope.

This Boing Boing post reads like an ad, but I think I'd love to get a wallet from them someday.

I think I want an Ove Glove.

Another Washington State Tornado.

Schrodinger's cat.

LOLCat theology. Oops.