Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Another Pile of Overdue Links!

Comic Book Legends Revealed #269: Little Joe, Terra and Geo-Force, and a G.I. Joe in-joke.

Ok, I figured the best way to treat the WBC idiots protesting at San Diego con was to ignore them, but I love my fellow nerds for out-stupiding them. Bender rocks. But my favorite sign is "Is this thing on?" WBC gave up fairly quickly because the media was paying more attention to the comic book fans than them. More video of the counter-protest.

Also from San Diego: Congrats to Eric Shanower and Skottie Young for winning two Eisners. It was a GREAT deal of fun for me to announce the first win at the Wizard of Oz convention, seriously the only time in my life I wasn't nervous in front of a crowd because I knew exactly what the response would be. I'm also pretty happy with many of the other results, particularly Beasts of Burden getting the nod. I love that book.

Like the Old Spice vids? There's a bunch of them here (YouTube), including responses to viewer comments.

How to throw an Evil Twin party. I *SO* want to do this sometime.

This awesome poster promoting literacy scares some ultra-religious nutjobs and is seen by the artist, who asks her fans to NOT harass the nutjobs. And surprise, they don't. Of course, the flap cheered up the artist who immediately got people requesting copies of the poster.

My husband Eric corrects a mistake on Jeopardy by sending them a real mail letter. He gets a prompt e-mail reply and permission to post it.

Darryl Cunningham takes on Moon Hoaxers on the anniversary of the Moon Landing.

The Mont Blanc Tunnel, and the accident of 1999.

I wanna buy shirts from this factory.

Conscience Cat joins the LOLTheology.

Pugs are popular.