Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Primeval: "Series 4 Episode 1" - Connor and Abby are back! After a whole year in the Cretaceous? Still no Danny, but at least my favorite character of the show (Connor) is in the scene again. This was a pretty strong first episode that introduced the new cast nicely, but didn't do a lot of explaining for people who have never seen the show at all before. If you've already seen Primeval and enjoyed it, you'll probably like this. I sure did.
  • Primeval: "Series 4 Episode 2" - Connor proves his worth to the project in a roundabout way. I was really happy with how this all turned out, and a little confused by the new plotlines. I'm looking forward to being unconfused by them as time goes by. Lots of good moments in this one with Connor and his old friend, but I was sure the guy would be toast before the end of the episode.

This week's movie was Star Trek from 2009. I finally got to see this, and no, Sylar didn't overtake Spock like I expected, although there was at least one moment when he was throttling Kirk... anyway. I liked the alternate universe aspect, as it made the movie work even in the context of the series. That said, the ending surprised me. I fully expected the cosmic reset button to be pushed. On the other hand, if they did that, then how would they be able to continue the franchise? A fun little movie. And if anyone says, "that's not how it happened!" they can just say, "hey, it's an alternate universe, duh!"

This week's comic book related review was Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs by Ursula Vernon. Danny Dragonbreath and his iguana friend Wendell return. This time they have to help out an exchange student, Suki, that Wendell is a bit sweet on. Seems she's being chased by ninjas. This is another funny and gentle story, with lots of in-jokes for adult readers. Again, it's mostly text with comic pages inserted within the story. I love the bus system in Danny's town. I picked up on the oddness in the first book, but it was made a little more explicit in this one with Suki's commentary. A fun series, and I've got the third volume from the library now so I can finish reading it.

My library book this week was The Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton. A group of children on holiday find adventure under their noses. This is an old book, first in a series. I think that one of the books in this particular series was read to me as a child in a class, but my memory isn't clear on which one. I've sort of narrowed it down to this series, and I decided to go ahead and read them and find out if anything sounds familiar. I admit I already enjoy children's series, even formulaic ones, so this isn't exactly a tough task for me. And this was a pleasant little book, reflecting a little too much of the sexism and racism of its time, perhaps, but not as bad as some I've read. It certainly felt like it would be a good read-aloud story, so maybe I do have the right series. We'll just have to see as I read the rest.

Agatha Christie this week was At Bertram's Hotel from 1965. At Bertram's Hotel you can go back in time and experience the true British experience, but Miss Marple thinks there is something terribly wrong. There wasn't really all that much to get with this one, as the behind-the-scenes bits helped to make everything pretty clear as the story went along. No, I didn't figure out the exact positions of the players until the reveal, but I had a good idea. I feel pretty sorry for Miss Marple in this one, as she never seems to get a real holiday. On the other hand, she seems to love the intrigue. This isn't the best Christie by a long shot, but it's a fun little read.