Thursday, March 24, 2011


I will not pass through anonymous comments that are clearly from spammers. You gotta be more creative than that. And if you don't sign a name to an anonymous comment (or at least an online handle) then it's not happening, sorry.

But it has been entertaining reading some of the garbage that spammers think I'll fall for...


J. L. Bell said...

There's a real art in coming up with a comment vague enough to fit lots of blog posts you've never read, yet containing just enough of a semblance of substance to appear real for a second. Of course, a spoonful of praise for the blogger always helps.

Love the blog! Keep it up!

Tegan said...

I appreciate art. And if they go far enough, they might even become actually interesting commenters, like in that XKCD strip. But I do get a lot of spam, especially just after I do a post about getting spam. Seems to attract them.