Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Journalism vs Blogging

Some journalists blog. Some bloggers are journalists. But a standard blog is NOT journalism. It is much more casual, and lacks editorial oversight. By the same token, a newspaper's website is not a blog.

I just thought I'd make that clear. It's been a very long week.


Jay said...

True, but blogging can be preparation for journalism.

Tegan said...

Certainly. But calling a newspaper's website a "blog" amounts to an insult. I like blogs, I have a blog, but my journalism work is very different than my blogging (although my blogging should be getting better as I learn more journalistic standards and become a better writer).

Man, I'm tired.

Roger Owen Green said...

well, our newspaper has a blog - actually bunch of them. Some contributors are newspaper writers, and some aren't (I'm in the latter category). It's an odd duck, I suppose.

Tegan said...

Roger, a lot of newspapers have blogs. But their main site with their published articles on it *isn't* a blog.

That's what I'm referring to. A blog is a blog.

And when a person compares their blog to a newspaper's site, and claims that their blog is more fair and contains more news... well, I've got a problem with that. Very very few blogs can match a moderate-sized newspaper. And the blog in question... let's just say the blogger's definition of "fair" doesn't fit any that I know.

Better not write more. I just deleted a whole paragraph that might have gotten me into trouble. It's not like the person in question deserves any more attention.

I guess the comparison just hit a nerve. I'm a blogger, I'm learning to be a journalist. They are different animals.

Dwight Williams said...

You are becoming a hybrid of sorts, and you're far from alone in this.

Learning as I go along too...


David Oakes said...

I was going to say "A lot of people can't be bothered to distinguish between journalism and blogging. Online is online."

But yes, a lot of people willfully blur the lines, in an effort to validate their own work. (And, truth be told, a lot of professional outlets, like newspapers, co-opt terms like "blogger" in an attempt to seem more folksy and in-touch. We are though the looking glass here.)

Roger Owen Green said...

Tegan- Guess what I'm saying is that some of the news content on the TU website is replicated on the blog site, and that, after a while, the less discerning reader might blend them together.

Add to this the fact that the PRINT version of the paper has excerpts of Best from the Blogs, which again might be the newspaper folks with a news item or an opinion piece, or a contributor like myself doing the same.

The line is getting murkier.

Tegan said...

Roger, our newspaper has no associated blogs. So it doesn't really apply in this case. The person doing the insulting here knows full well what he's doing and why.

But yeah, the line is getting murkier in some cases. Not this case.