Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sunday Review

I'm behind on reviews because, well, because I'm writing a lot more now, but on deadlines and subjects I don't choose, so it's harder to find time for me to write about other stuff. I'll try to get little reviews done as I have time, but my Sunday Reviews may be spaced out a bit more than they used to be...

This week's movie was The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Chapter 9: Demons of Deception (Verdun and Paris, 1916). Indy serves as a motorcycle courier before getting leave in Paris. A lot of dramatics in this one, as Indy carries orders that will result in the deaths of men he likes and admires after his report from a spy mission is ignored. Even more dramatic in its presentation is the Mata Hari scenes, where she has flash-forwards. Indy comes across as a jealous and controlling boy, not at all as cool as he usually manages to be. Very interesting storyline, very sad results.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Aug 3rd
  • Flashpoint #4 - Absolutely brutal finish to this one. I'm not liking the Reverse Flash at all. But then, I never have. And Aquaman... it's nice that Barry thinks he can get through to him. Nice and naive. I think it's all gone too far to pull back now.
  • Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #3 - Pet peeve: Magicians burning themselves out at the end of a story. I mean, seriously. How, exactly, can she be so certain that she's never going to be able to use magic again? Can she see the future? I don't think so. Other than that, not a bad ending.
  • Flashpoint: Deathstroke the Curse of Ravager #3 - Aw, a happy ending. No Aquaman in this one, but at least it was an interesting way to finish the storyline.
  • Batman Beyond #8 - Wow, more on Inque than we ever got in the show, although it never contradicts the show (which Eric's been rewatching). This isn't a Batman book so much as the complete origin of Inque and her current life. Good issue.
  • Usagi Yojimbo #139 - YAY! Inspector Ishida! Murder mystery! Intrigue! Excitement! And a really really bad poet! Ahem. Enjoyed this one, yup.
  • Aug 10th
  • War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath #2 - Blah. Does this mean the whole thing is finally over and we can get back to regular stories now? No more endless crossovers?
  • Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3 - Heartbreaking, as over and over the characters are given chances, but fail to come to the right conclusion. It's desperately true to the characters in some ways, particularly Vulko. If Vulko is evil enough to create the doomsday device in this world, he's evil enough to use it.
  • DC Retroactive: Justice League of America the 80's #1 - Not really happy with this one. Yeah, Aquaman has a lot of focus, but it seems to be a bit too much angst for me. Eh, not bad.
  • DC Retroactive: Green Lantern the 80's #1 - I don't know. Again, it wasn't bad, but I think I'm not that interested in the 1980s, I think.
  • Birds of Prey #15 - A sort of disappointing ending, but not a terrible story overall. I just wish the gals had a better send off than this. I'm going to miss them.
  • All New Batman The Brave and the Bold #10 - Hilarious tale from the viewpoint of a henchman. It seems unlikely that Batman would have time to be so interested in one person, but let's face it, this is what we want batman to be. Love the Aquaman appearance.
  • Spongebob Comics #4 - No Mermaid Man in this one, but the book is overall fun so I'm not too disappointed.