Friday, February 10, 2012

Inkwell's Feeling Better

He's getting a lot healthier, to the point of causing me distress because I don't know what he'll get into next. He's discovered the joys of a computer mouse. If you knock it off the table it'll dangle, and shoot out a neat red light that you can chase.

This evening he found his way inside my chair. I wasn't certain he was in there until I manage to entice him out with a cat tease, but yup... inside the chair.

He's now playing with all his toys, including the ones that made him terrified when we first brought him home. He is incredibly cute carrying around a little red toy mouse in his mouth. And he's got Beckham-like moves with the little toy balls.

We've let him roam the house while we are at work the last couple of days. Nothing was destroyed, but I can tell he's investigated the house thoroughly. I have been keeping certain doors closed, which protects what little we own that's of any value while protecting the kitten from some danger. But if there's something to get into, he's done it by now.

We're going to have to take him in for vaccines and neutering soon. I'm worried about paying for it. I may try to talk the gal who talked *me* into bringing Inky home to help us out with the expense.

Still looking for permanent litter boxes that are the right size for Inkwell. I have two borrowed ones at the moment. I also need to invest in some bleach for cleaning them. So much to think about!

So far my work schedule has allowed me to come home and feed the kitten during the day. I worry that won't last, so I've looked into getting one of those rotating tray timed feeders. They aren't *too* expensive, but all of them have such nasty reviews on Amazon, even the higher rated ones. If I could get one that works, that would allow me to set up exact feeding times instead of Inky relying on the whims of his feckless humans.

Well, we're at least settling into a routine now. Hopefully we can keep the kitten happy and safe.


Jay said...

Be glad Inky's a boy. Spaying is much more expensive. (We have ways of explaining this that are somewhat... crude.)

Anonymous said...

He may learn to hide in the chair so you will bribe him with treats to get him to come out. As for chasing the red light, there are some fairly inexpensive cat toys, flashlights, or pointers that project a red laser dot.

Tegan said...


It was explained to me that a boy cat's reproductive system is on the outside, while a girl cat's is on the inside. Thus, cheaper for a boy cat since his reproductive system is accessible.