Monday, November 19, 2012

I made my co-workers mad today

I lieu of thinking about life's problems, I've pretty much immersed myself into my new phone, as I'm sure some people noticed.

I want to share more information about Ting, my new wireless service that runs on the Sprint network (with free roaming for voice and SMS on Verizon's network). I just started it, but I'm already pretty pleased with it. I had a lengthy interaction with customer support on Sunday while porting over my old phone number to my new phone, and it was EXCELLENT. I've rarely had such a great interaction with customer service.

So I was talking about the phone at work with my co-workers, who didn't quite believe what I was saying about the deal. So I pulled up the Plan Page to show them how much they would pay if they were on the plan. One co-worker just dropped her jaw when she saw it. The other said, "That makes me mad." Both of them recently signed up to 2-year contracts that were WAY more expensive.

So for your own edification on whether or not Ting would save you any money, either visit the plan page or use the calculator I'm putting down below the cut.

There's another calculator here that shows you about what you would spend if you don't already have a wireless service or don't use text or data.

One thing the calculator doesn't include is the cost to buy out an old contract.

For one co-worker, the cost is something like $350 per phone to cancel early. However, she's also spending something like $250 a month on her current service and going to Ting would likely save her $100-$150 a month, so it might actually be worth it! She's the one who got mad when she saw the Ting prices.

The other has five phones and is spending over $150 on her current plan. I'm not sure it would pay off for her, but she was also stunned at the price.

Now, in the unlikely situation that you do decide to go with Ting, you can use my referral link to get $25 off. I'll also get $25 credit, which is pretty nice I have to admit, since my monthly bill is going to be right around that until Eric joins, at which point it'll be about $40 a month. But even if I didn't get a referral credit I'd still talk about this phone service, because it sure seems like it's going to be an AWESOME phone service that will save us a lot of money and still let us have smartphones.


Roger Owen Green said...

I'd be angry too! Thanks for the tip. When I inevitably get one of those things, I'll keep this in mind!