Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday Linkdump

Honestly, I'd love to have a secret compartment in my car that only I can open that I could shove my purse and some snacks into. But not if the person who installs it goes to prison. Yikes.

Now that I'm working at a newspaper and will eventually learn how to do layouts, these layout disasters make me both laugh out loud and cringe.

layout disaster

Google now redirects your blogspot blog to a country specific domain. This can be a pain, as I discovered when suddenly people in other countries couldn't see my images. So you can "prevent" it with a bit of code in your blogger template if you want.

Sometimes the cover-ups just make things a lot worse.


Unknown said...

I always had my doubts about those two.

Elayne said...

Could you do this for my blog please, Laura? I wnat to make sure my in-laws can still read it. Thanks!

Tegan said...

Done, Elayne.