Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The fate of Amy Unbounded. In the notes, Rachel resolves the cliff-hanger that the series ended on.

How the big one will happen, predicted a couple of years ago, but still completely valid.

I'm still amused by this climate study, done by a climate change denier, that basically proved all the other studies right. In short, the climate IS changing faster than its has before. The only question that remains is whether or not we can do anything to stop it.

This plan to save the economy could still work, if we had any politicians with the spine and the intelligence to get it passed.

Awesome Doctor Who/Muppets mash-up artwork.

The secret origin of ABADAZAD, including how the first tale originally was resolved.

22 fictional characters whose names you don't know.

Why print must never die.

11 sounds your kids have probably never heard. I once described using a rotary phone to a high school student, who giggled throughout like I was making a joke.

The Oatmeal illustrates some quotations. I like the Jim Henson one.

I like these. I want to put some up, but nobody in this town would appreciate it.

My basement cat approves.

How to fold a shirt.