Monday, February 22, 2010

Prepping For Emerald City Comicon

I have to get in shape after a very bad winter for me. I really let myself go, eating poorly and too much and not getting nearly enough exercise. I've gained nearly 10 pounds, which I'd like to re-lose (At least that's nowhere near the 120 pounds I've lost in the last few years...).

So I've set myself a goal of preparing for Emerald City Comicon by walking or biking every day in addition to at least one small Wii Fit workout. I plan to do this right up until Friday March 12th. Then after ECCC, I will transfer my goal to the Winkie Convention (Facebook page), which is July 23rd to July 25th, not including travel time.

Today is day one of the Pre-ECCC Training and Prep. This morning I did a Wii Fit workout, short but sweet. Then just before lunch today I walked to Ace Hardware and back (2.1 miles). It was a little longer walk than I had planned for my first solo jaunt, but I survived. My heartbeat took way too long to slow to normal, and I hurt a toe where my shoe jammed it into its neighbor's uncut nail. My toenails are now neatly trimmed, so that shouldn't happen again.

Yesterday hubby-Eric and I did a 1.3 mile walk, so I got a good start. But I'm relying on you, my dear readers, to help keep me honest with comments of encouragement here or on Facebook. Your help was vital in my previous weight loss efforts (every single comment meant the world to me), so I hope you all don't let me down in this effort.

Update: Someone just asked privately how I get my precise distance data, if I have a GPS or Pedometer. No, I use Gmaps Pedometer to check out my route when I get home. I can't say enough positive about this site, and I'm beginning to think I should support them somehow. Maybe I'll have to buy a shirt sometime.


Carolyn I. said...

Good for you, Laura. I admit, I've been too lazy too. Thank goodness I have no car and am forced to walk to work (bike when I can). That's about all I've been getting in exercise this winter. No snowshoeing, or skiing, with my friends as it's much easier (and cheaper) to stay home. Haven't given away my snowshoes or skis, so maybe there is still some hope for me?

Jonathan L. Miller said...

Not sure if I'm going to make it this year or not. If I do, I hope to see you there! (And can you believe Stan Lee is charging an extra $40 fee for his panel and one autograph?)

Tegan said...


I thought it was $40 for the autograph? I haven't heard that the panel is paid admission only! I e-mailed his management people to find out if I could get a Torvald pic with Stan, but I haven't got a reply. I kind of didn't expect one.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

I hope I misunderstood and you're right. Still, $40 is a lot for an autograph!

Tegan said...

I believe he's going in with the notion that dealers would be coming in with a ton of books and want him to sign every one (you've seen the type at cons, who have a long box on a trolley and expect an artist to sign every single book they brought!). By charging for the autographs, he's cutting those people off AND setting a price on his own signature. I think the price is too high, but I've heard from more than one person who have already got their ticket, so other folks disagree with me.

If I can get a picture of him with Torvald I will, but if he's charging for pictures I'll probably just sweep the rest of the floor. I want to get a pic of Leonard Nimoy with Torvald as well, but I'm not going to dare to hope at this point.