Sunday, December 15, 2013

LEGO Advent 2013 Update Three

Here's the next installment. The story so far: Ed the security guard and his dog Snapper are at a cushy assignment over Christmas... but unbeknownst to them, Ed's good friend Doug the Doofus decided to give Ed a surprise.

Dec 9th:

9 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

All set up! Doug's plan is to scare Ed by pretending to be a burglar, then leading him out to the table to have a neat-o Christmas dinner. He even has some extra chicken for Snapper set out... but before he gets to the hard part of trying to scare Ed, he decides to eat a little bit. Of course, it's not going to go as smoothly as Doug thinks it will...

Dec 10th:

10 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

This is Shelly. She has something of an... obsession... for Doug. In fact, she lives in the apartment across the courtyard and watches his activities with great interest. So when she saw him gathering up a table and some food, she got quite fascinated with him. Then, when he put on the burglar outfit she realized he must be going to a Christmas masquerade! She quickly found an outfit for herself and called some of Doug's friends to find out if any of them knew where the party was taking place. None of them seemed to know about it, and, being friends of Doug, they completely supported Shelly's decision to crash the party with her grilling equipment.

Dec 11th:

11 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Unlike Doug, Shelly is a really good cook. She loves BBQ more than she loves watching Doug. She had to work hard to keep up with Doug, but she managed to get herself and her grill to the location where Doug was setting up his picnic table is the outdoors. She never once questioned why Doug's party would be in the snow.

Dec 12th:

12 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Shelly also managed to lug a tree into the area. Doug's shock was fairly complete, especially when he realized that Shelly had to have gone into the security zone that Ed was monitoring when she dragged the tree into the area. Shelly, of course, was completely oblivious to Doug's distress. How nice, she thought. This is a going to be a rocking party.

Dec 13th:

13 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

This is Alex. Alex got the text message from Shelly that said she'd found where Doug's party was being held. Alex quickly got a costume on and headed out to the party as well.

Dec 14th:

14 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Alex helped Shelly to set up the presents under the tree and watched as Shelly started cooking up some nice bratwurst. Alex also checked out the pizza and chicken and wondered about trying to eat a meal while wearing an astronaut helment. Meanwhile, Doug felt his control of the situation rapidly dimishing.

Dec 15th:

15 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Next to arrive is Morten. He can't resist a costume party. He also loves racing cars, so he usually ends up wearing his racing uniform as a costume. With Morten's arrival, Doug started to get a little desperate. Although he's a doofus, he was well aware that once a party gets going nothing can stop it. Especially when Shelly is cooking.

To Be Continued...