Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Oct 16th
  • Justice League of America #8 - I keep forgetting that this is a different universe and that the relationships between characters aren't the same anymore. Ug. Still, neat prison, even if the idea isn't original.
  • Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 - This book actually seems to be moving the overall plot of the big ol' crossover forward. Not too bad.
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #24 - Good ol' wonderboy Kyle is going to save the universe, again.
  • Batman Beyond Universe #3 - Rewire, huh? I'm not really all that impressed yet. Now, the Justice League story was fun, particularly when Aquagirl has her moment in the ... snow.
  • Batman '66 #4 - Lurching from plot to plot! Jumping to impossible conclusions based on scanty clues! I'm not a huge fan of the old Batman TV series and this series definitely captures the flavor of the series so well I can hear Adam West when Batman talks. Still, it's fun.
  • Ame Comi Girls #8 - I got this for the Mera story, but the Big Barda and White Canary tales weren't nearly as bad as I feared they would be. I'm still not much of a fan of this universe, but it's not all bad, I guess.
  • Fables #134 - This was amazingly good when you consider that the entire book is basically just two characters talking to one another. Wow. The end, that was impressive, and kind of helped put an exclamation point on another story.
  • Sergio Aragones Funnies #10 - Yet another collection of short pieces by Sergio that people who enjoy his art will enjoy. There's another neat biographical strip in here about his experiences getting paid to draw. Overall, lots of fun.
  • Oct 23rd
  • Justice League #24 - Seeing what Ultraman did to Jimmy, I was not sure how the Daily Planet gang was going to get out of this one. I was, in fact, a bit surprised at what did appear. That'll be a fight for the ages.
  • Aquaman #24 - Ok, so there are new definitions of the old names of Atlantis. This issue directly contradicts Atlantis Chronicles, sadly, so yet another series is out of continuity. It's an ok issue, but I'm feeling a little disappointed by the loss of history yet again. *sigh*
  • DC vs Masters of the Universe #2 - Yay, Aquaman appears! Boo, he's immediately mind-controlled. Still, it's fun enough for this type of crossover.
  • Beware the Batman #1 - Very much thinking, "not another Batman book" and yet, Katana is an interesting choice for sidekick. It's not bad, I'm just Batmanned out.
  • Arrow #12 - I'm not exactly sure when the first story fits into the show's mythos. The second one is obvious, of course. I liked the first one better... it doesn't require a lot of knowledge of the show to figure out what's happening.
  • Doctor Who V3 #14 - Petrified corpses walking the streets, and the Doctor up against a foe who knows something about him. Getting more intriguing.
  • Department of Monsterology #1 - I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting from this book, so I'll just say it's fun so far, even if they are facing an Aquaman foe (The Trench) early on...
So, I'm working on catching up to the current books, but I've still got a week's worth of October left and the November books are sitting tantalizingly next on the shelf. Work has been more of a focus lately, but maybe someday I will catch up.

My library book this week was Dragonbreath #5: No Such Thing as Ghosts by Ursula Vernon. I looked away for a bit and Ursula managed to come out with five more volumes in the Dragonbreath series. So now I'm waiting on the library to make sure I get to read the lot. Anyway, this volume has Danny and Wendell joined by skeptic Christiana, who doesn't even believe in dragons. And it's Halloween. And there's a haunted house that Danny is dared to enter by the local bully. The bus system doesn't figure into this story, which is a break from tradition, but it's a pretty funny horror tale, gentle enough for kids but with some very nice nods to the adults reading along. Not quite as educational as the previous books, which is one of the strengths of this series. Still worth checking out. This is a fun series from a great artist and writer.

My book this week was How to Wash a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale. Ok, this was a really odd book. Just really odd. I can't even describe how odd it was. Ok... let's see... a woman inherits her uncle's antique store in a trendy area of San Francisco only to learn that there are historical secrets that some people think are worth killing for hidden nearby. Two cats are major characters in the book, and they are also tied up in the whole mystery. There's also an incredibly annoying neighbor, a scary basement and a stuffed kangaroo. The first-person descriptions get a little goofy, sometimes over-the-top goofy, but the book mostly moves along at a good pace. Not bad, particularly for a first published work.

Amusingly, I got a copy of this book and its sequel from my mom. I set it aside to read later, only to have a co-worker unexpectedly recommend it to me. So I read it. Life is funny that way.