Friday, April 25, 2014


Boing Boing has rules for a quick dice game to play whenever. I think I'm going to start carrying some dice just so I can play if I get bored. Scoring: 4-5-6 wins automatically and nobody else gets to roll after in that round. Three of a kind ("Trips") is next highest, with higher numbers winning. "Spare and a Pair" next highest, with the high spare being the higher score. 1-2-3 is automatic loss. Each player only gets five rolls to get a usable roll. Seems simple enough...

How about a totally awesome Batman Beyond short? I really did enjoy that show, although I suffer from too-much-Batman-itis (Hey, DC, you have OTHER CHARACTERS).

Top 5 reasons why the customer isn't always right. Personally, it disgusts me when rude customers get better service or free product simply because they are rude. People who work in customer service deserve basic respect. I've often thought that all teenagers should work in public service for a few years in order to see what it's like on the other side of the counter. I also think rude customers should be banned from stores. Let them figure out how to buy stuff if no store will allow them entry.