Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A collection of links that interested me in the last week or so...

Two boys hack into an ATM and there's a happy ending. But then, it's Winnipeg. I like that they turned the greeting message into a warning.

So, need to get healthy? Apparently two to four continuous days of fasting every six months is good for you. Now, this needs a bit more study, to say the least, but it's still fascinating. I'm not sure I could go for three full days without any food.

Another instance of goofy translation. Only this one really makes no sense whatsoever.

This is an awful lot of effort to go to in order to prove a theory about Vermeer. Wow.

How many of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's favorite sci-fi movies have you seen? There's a couple I haven't.

It's hard to be a good guy with a gun. The idea that you will be the hero because you carry a gun is ridiculous and worse than childish.

I'm not sure I agree that all the books on this list of 85 Young Adult books beloved by adults really are all that great, but some of them are certainly worth checking out.