Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cleaning out collected links...

Here's some stuff that caught my eye on the 'net recently...

Movie moments made in LEGO form.

Previews has an interview with the creator of a comic book aimed at helping autistic children. I'm not convinced I like the art from the sampling, but the concept sound fascinating.

Want to know more about Game of Thrones? Check out this intense MetaFilter post full of links to lots more information and speculation. Wow.

Speaking of games, here's a tale of how a guy defeated Dragon's Lair.

Ooooh, a new crater discovered on Mars with landslides in the area and the ability to pin down the date of impact. COOL!

I've never, to the best of my knowledge, had Sizzler cheese toast... but after watching this video I think I'd be willing to try some. The use of parchment/baking paper to keep the bread from sticking while it was frying was interesting.

The sad story of how Will Vinton was ousted from the company he made.

Huh. I didn't expect some of the results on this chart of global morality.

So, driverless cars may have a downside for local governments. The loss of revenue from tickets could be a problem.

Does McDonald's really think giving Ronald a makeover is going to fix what's wrong with their food product?

A design history of triage tag, used by first responders to sort out who needs the most immediate help.