Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tron Roads

I've posted about the effort to get Solar Roadways working twice before. I last wrote about the $1 million Indiegogo goal and the fact that they were going to reach it.

The campaign originally was due to end tomorrow, but they've decided to extend it to June 20th because the momentum is so high right now, and more money will make it more likely that this will get into production soon.

I want this in my city, don't you?

They have a bunch of projects lined up, but first they have to get the thing into production. They also plan on trying to reduce costs as they go along, so they are hiring a staff of experts with the money they've raised. The inevitable backlash has already started, with a number of naysayers making armchair claims about how impossible the project is and questioning the lack of detailed numbers on the website that's designed for the general public and not for engineers.

Personally, I'll give them at least five years to get a serious real-world parking lot into use in their home town. If they can't get it done in five years, then I'll acknowledge that the naysayers were possibly right. However, with the amount of attention this project has gotten thanks to the Indiegogo campaign, we're going to hear lots of nasty stuff from people who do not believe the future is possible. I just really hope those nasty folks are wrong.