Monday, June 02, 2014

A pile of links, cast off into the depths of the 'net

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are conducting an experiment to see if a computer can figure out which version of English you speak. Give it a shot and you can help improve the algorithms and stuff.

Boing Boing has links to artwork that depicts Game of Thrones, if done by Disney. Yikes.

Ever wanted to see what happens inside a dishwasher as it runs? Somebody thought to put a gopro camera in one and posted the result to YouTube.

A pretty solid debunking of all the anti-vax idiocy that won't be read, understood, or believed by the people who need it most.

Check out this infographic of the world's tallest, deepest, longest, largest volume and most expensive man-made structures. How many have you been in or on? I've visited the Everett Boeing plant, but that's it.

Well, there's a collectable comic book. Now, I wouldn't really want it unless it was an Aquaman title with the president sharing the cover.

GunFail. I'm not for banning guns, but I do wish we had reasonable restrictions on their purchase and that law enforcement could actually enforce the existing laws.