Wednesday, June 18, 2014

March of the penguin snacks

Today was a boss-is-gone party at the office, and we went Hawaiian... I made my penguins for the party. Originally I considered ways to make them Hawaiian, but eventually decided against it and just made penguins.

They were a hit, just like last time.

We also had some tunes, played on a classic machine. It was pretty cool. I had some happy flashbacks to when I used to have a turntable and records, and kind of wished I could get a turntable now. There's just something about music played on vinyl.

I enjoyed the 1950s and 60s Hawaiian tunes.

So, I've put a page break here so nobody accidentally has to look at my double-chin. I forgot to wear my Hawaiian shirt, but luckily my husband (thank you Eric!) was nice enough to run it over. I also got lei'd. And co-worker Julia said I had to wear a hat, so I picked a straw pith helmet.

This selfie is the only one that came out from several attempts because my phone only has a camera on the back, and I'm not terribly good at taking pictures with it even when I'm looking at the screen.

I'm not Luffy.