Thursday, June 12, 2014

So... today...

I got called a lesbian today. Sadly, I'm not that awesome, and instead am happily married to a guy. That said, I believe the person calling me that was attempting to insult me, based on the many other things I was called, none of which I'm comfortable saying or writing.

The nasty e-mail with those names was apparently in response to an article I wrote about an economic study on carbon taxes. I was assigned to cover an online press conference about the study, then dig into the details and explain what the study claimed to have found. I did not express any opinion in the article, just wrote what the people who wrote the study and paid for the study said about it. But I guess even reporting on it was enough to set somebody off.

For the record, the article is not my finest piece of reporting. I was reporting, not editorializing, and my opinion on the subject is definitely not reflected in the article. I also did not choose to write on the subject. It was assigned to me by the editor. Given the choice, I would not have taken this particular assignment because online press conferences are annoying.

In any case, it's not my problem now. My only duty is to forward any further contact from the person to my boss so he can pass it along to police. Yeah, it was that bad that we found it prudent to let the police know. *sigh*