Wednesday, July 09, 2014

IndieGoGo update

Since I can, I think I'll update everyone on the IndieGoGo Campaign and what I've learned so far...

First off, I really didn't seriously expect much, maybe a couple of people throwing in a couple of bucks. So to be at $50 already is startling, if not shocking. Yeah, it's a better cause than some kid making potato salad, but that really isn't saying much at all.

IndieGoGo is pretty easy to set up. If you know anything at all about HTML you can control the look of your page nicely. I could do more myself, but I'm still trying to work full-time whilst running this thing, so, baby steps.

The IndieGoGo site gives people running a campaign the ability to look at some stuff through a dashboard. One thing it showed me is that I have gotten $45 that will be sent to my banking account at the end of the campaign, and $5 through Paypal. The fees (9% of the total unless I meet the $500 goal) reduced the $45 to $39.60 and the $5 to $4.55. The Paypal fees (2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction*) reduced the $5 even further, taking it down to $4.10. Ouch. If we meet the $500 IndieGoGo goal, I will get 5% refunded, making the total IGG fee just 4%.

Anyway, that means the total I've raised after fees is $43.70. If I don't reach any of my goals, that'll buy some Halloween candy. Not enough, but it will make the holiday a little less painful in the pocketbook. To get the comic books, we need to raise $250 after fees, so ... 17.48% of the way there. That's really not that bad. Whee!

*Note: Paypal fees are taken out of the total amount paid. IndieGoGo pays $5 to Paypal then "refunds" itself the 9% fee. So Paypal takes out the 2.9% and 30 cents from the $5 total, not the lesser $4.55. Should we reach the $500 goal and get our extra 5% back, Paypal will also take its fee from that, meaning they get to double-dip. This is really quite a slick deal they've got going with IndieGoGo.