Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Jul 2nd
  • Aquaman and the Others #4 - Well, that was a slightly different series of events than I expected. How did Aaron get his shirt back? Nice to meet another one of Prisoner's fellow soldiers.
  • Green Lantern #33 - More battles. And then, just when it seems like it's finally over... *sigh*
  • Earth 2 #25 - I like Val a lot, but I also like Marella. Lois had some good moments in there as well.
  • Justice League 3000 #8 - The cover kind of gives part of the story away, although not all of it. I honestly don't know whether I like this book or not.
  • Batman '66 meets Green Hornet #2 - Nope. I guess they don't know each other, based on those events. They will by the end of this story, I'm thinking. The whole "stamp" thing was a little too clever by half... I like it.
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5 - Men can't set foot on the island, but Scooby can? Ha! Lots of little in-jokes (Wonder Woman refers to Etta) and a goofy ending. Definitely a fun issue.
  • Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #2 - Not enough Aqualad, but pretty funny anyway.
  • Twilight Zone #6 - So, she knows a lot now. What's she going to do about it? I like the legend of the coin. That was a fun bit that kind of made the whole tale work even better.
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz: Age of Darkness #1 - I don't know what I just read, nor do I know why I read it.
  • Jul 9th
  • Justice League United #3 - This is a really confusing storyline. I am still pretty confused about all the heroes involved and what they are up to. Could be better.
  • World's Finest #25 - The gals wrap up their lives on Earth One as they prepare to go home, and perhaps die. I kind of wonder why Helena is going, since it's clear that she truly believes she can settle on Earth One. As for the bad guy, ug... just send him back to Darkseid already.
  • Green Lantern Corps #33 - And... nope. It's not over yet. More to go. I'm so ready to have no more of this storyline. I think Green Lantern just isn't for me.
  • Smallville Lantern #4 - I can't even remember what was happening in this book. I like the reference to the formidable Ma Hunkle, though. Eh, it's ok.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #1 - This is really freaking confusing for a first issue. Yeah, there's some context and the bits to get readers up-to-date aren't bad, but it's still confusing. I was very much looking forward to this book, but I'm hoping it will improve from this issue.
  • Usagi Yojimbo Color Special - This is a collection of stories from Dark Horse Presents, and I'm glad to see them. I was sure they would get collected and printed separately. I can't really afford DHP for one feature I want to read, so I haven't been getting them.
  • Peanuts V2 #19 - Some really good bits in this one that made me very nostalgic. One story turned out to be a preview of a longer book, which wasn't nice, but at least it mostly held together as its own tale. Not my favorite issue, but decent.
  • Spongebob Comics #34 - Much of the usual nonsense, with the continuing awesome tale of Mermaid Man with Jerry Ordway artwork. Although this issue's story, featuring SpongeBob's take on the tale, was ... um ... disturbing. Still, very fun!

An extra this week is Ozopolis #4 - Eric picked this up at the San Diego Winkie Con, and of course I read it. I enjoyed the previous three issues, but the problem has been a scattered release schedule that means I hardly remember what came before. Still, there was plenty of hints and an overview that summarized much of the previous events, so overall it worked. I like the new villain, but the ending is far too abrupt. I hope we'll see more of this book in the future.