Sunday, December 06, 2015

A Sunday Review

Recent television:

  • Supergirl: "Livewire" - V'z fbeel, Png vfa'g fghcvq. Naq fur cnlf pybfre nggragvba guna fur yrgf ba. V'z nofbyhgryl fher fur'f svtherq bhg jub Fhcretvey vf ol abj, nygubhtu fur'f irel yvxryl gb xrrc vg gb urefrys. Xabjyrqtr gung bgure crbcyr qba'g xabj lbh unir vf cbjre, nsgre nyy. That said, let's move into the episode... I didn't expect Livewire to work in live action as well as she did in the cartoon, but she's actually pretty good here. I knew how Kara was going to take her out, just based on the past of the character. Good episode.
  • Supergirl: "How Does She Do It?" - Bhg bs beqre rcvfbqrf znqr gur Wnzrf/Yhpl eryngvbafuvc n yvggyr fgenatr orgjrra guvf naq gur cerivbhf rcvfbqr. Gur obzovatf va guvf bar zrnag gurl qrynlrq nvevat vg qhr gb gur Cnevf nggnpxf. Gurl znlor fubhyq unir qrynlrq vg gb znxr vg zber vagrerfgvat. Birenyy, n eryngviryl obevat rcvfbqr. Jr zrrg Png'f fba, jub vfa'g arneyl nf vagrerfgvat nf Png. Naq jr yrnea zber nobhg Znkjryy Ybeq, jub vf pyrneyl urnqrq gbjneq n yvsr bs ivyynval. Eh, not bad. But it lacked spark.
  • Supergirl: "Red Faced" - Yrg zr znxr guvf pyrne, vs V jrer n xvq va n fpubby mbar gung jnf whfg fnirq ol Fhcretvey, jub gura vf nggnpxrq ol n ebnq entvat qevire... V jbhyq abg or va gur fyvtugrfg hcfrg gung fur "uheg" gur ebnq-entre. Fur qvq ABG tb gbb sne. Gur thl chapurq ure. Vs fur'q chg n svfg guebhtu uvf purfg, gung jbhyq'ir orra gbb sne. Fur qvqa'g rira oernx uvf nez, juvpu ur qrfreirq. Gung bcravat whfg tbg zr ernyyl naablrq ng gur jevgref. V jbhyq or purrevat Fhcretvey... fur whfg fnirq zl yvsr sebz gung thl, nsgre nyy. Trareny Ynar jnf ernyyl fhpxl, nf hfhny. Ubj qvq fhpu n pyhryrff zna unir gjb fzneg tveyf? Gur orfg cneg bs gur rcvfbqr jnf cebonoyl Xnen svanyyl rkcybqvat ng Png naq ubj Png rkcynvaf natre. Irel vagrerfgvat fghss ba gur qvssrerapr orgjrra orvat n jbzna va ohfvarff naq orvat n zna. Fghss jbzra unir gb yvir jvgu pbafgnagyl, ohg zbfg zra ner hggreyl pyhryrff nobhg. A pretty good episode.

  • Gotham: "A Bitter Pill to Swallow" - Zl svefg gubhtug ba frrvat Zvpuryyr Tbzrm jnf gung fur vf cynlvat na rneyl irefvba bs Ebhyrggr, onfrq ba gur tnzvat ebbz naq gur nggvghqr. Gur rcvfbqr vgfrys jnf irel ivbyrag rira sbe guvf fubj, jvgu bar uvgzna gung vf whfg tebff. Bs pbhefr, gung jnf gur cbvag. V guvax gur Crathva/Evqqyre guvat vf trggvat sne zber vagrerfgvat. Not my favorite episode, but it moved the plots along nicely.
  • Gotham: "The Son of Gotham" - Nf Wvz jbaqref nobhg yrnivat n uvgzna nyvir, Oehpr trgf cebbs gung Fvyire vf nf onq nf ure hapyr. V sbhaq gur vqragvgl bs gur xvyyre gb or irel vagrerfgvat, nf "Z. Znybar" frrzf irel fvzvyne gb na nygre-rtb bs gur Ongzna uvzfrys. Rirelbar fnj Tnynina trggvat bhg bs wnvy pbzvat, fb gung jnfa'g n fhecevfr... ohg V jnf n yvggyr fubpxrq gung Wvz jbhyq chapu uvz. This ended on a good cliffhanger.
  • Gotham: "Worse Than A Crime" - Naq rirelguvat svanyyl pbzrf gb gur svany zbzragf nf Oehpr vf nobhg gb or fnpevsvprq. V yvxrq Fvyire svanyyl gryyvat Oehpr gur pbzcyrgr gehgu, naq Oehpr gnxvat nqinagntr bs gung gb frg hc n cbffvoyr rfpncr. Ur shyyl rkcrpgrq Fvyire gb fgbc gur cebprrqvatf, naq vs jung ur fnvq gb Nyserq naq Fryvan vf gehr, ur unq n cyna gb rfpncr sebz gurer. V ybirq ubj nyy gur tbbq thlf chyyrq gbtrgure jvgu gur onq thlf gb erfphr Oehpr... cnegvphyneyl Yhpvhf Sbk, jub jnf ybiryl jura ur fgnegyrq Altzn. Vg jnf qrcerffvat gb frr Wvz tbvat rira shegure gb gur qnex fvqr jvgu Crathva ba guvf bar, ohg vg jnfa'g harkcrpgrq. Ubj pna Tbeqba cbffvoyl or erqrrzrq sebz guvf? This is a very dark and violent series, but I'm finding it oddly compelling.

  • Doctor Who: "Face the Raven" - V'z tbvat gb nqzvg gung V'ir arire orra n ovt Pynen sna, abe qb V qvfyvxr ure yvxr fbzr snaf. Fur'f n punenpgre, naq V'z fbzrgvzrf vagrerfgrq va ure naq fbzrgvzrf oberq ol ure... whfg yvxr nal. Gung fnvq, guvf jnf n ernyyl fghcvq qrngu pnhfrq ol gur Qbpgbe nyybjvat Pynen gb trg frevbhfyl erpxyrff. Vg jnf terng gb frr Evtfl, ohg Pynen fubhyq unir nfxrq fbzrobql n ovg zber nobhg gur phefr orsber gnxvat vg ba. Qhzo qhzo qhzo. Gur npghny qrngu jnfa'g gbb onq, ohg gur riragf yrnqvat hc gb vg jrer whfg pevatrjbegul guebhtu naq guebhtu. Nqq va "Zr" naq ure hapregnva nyyrtvnaprf naq this episode was a mixed bag for me.
  • Doctor Who: "Heaven Sent" - I won't say this episode was perfect, but it was a heckuva lot better than just about every other episode this year. Gur ynpx bs Pynen urycrq... ure fznyy nccrnenaprf jbexrq va pbagrkg. Ohg vg'f gur Qbpgbe qbvat jung ur qbrf orfg: snpvat bss zbafgref naq svthevat guvatf bhg. Vg jnf ornhgvshyyl svyzrq, fbzrguvat juvpu unq gb or cbvagrq bhg gb zr, ohg bapr V jrag onpx naq ybbxrq V jnf vzcerffrq. Gur raqvat fgnegyrq zr, ohg V jnf cyrnfrq. Definitely the best of the season.
  • Doctor Who: "Hell Bent" - Oh for goodness sake. V'yy fnl V qvqa'g ungr guvf rcvfbqr, ohg V sbhaq ovgf bs vg rkgerzryl uneq gb fjnyybj. Pynen vf tvira gur snyfr vzcerffvba gung gur Qbpgbe fcrag 4.5 ovyyvba pbafrphgvir lrnef svtugvat sbe ure, ohg vg jnf va puhaxf. V nyfb svaq vg irel uneq gb oryvrir gur Qbpgbe jbhyq xvyy nalbar, rira n Gvzr Ybeq, va pbyq oybbq gb fnir fbzrbar jub vf nyernql qrnq. Nyfb, "Zr" jnf naablvat. V qvfyvxr gur punenpgre zber naq zber. Vs vg jnf gung rnfl gb znxr fhpu n qhenoyr vzzbegny, lbh jbhyq guvax fur jbhyqa'g or gur bayl Zver/Uhzna uloevq ehaavat nebhaq. Gur snpg gung HAVG unq n Zver uryzrg va gur oynpx nepuvir znxrf zr jbaqre nobhg vg rira zber. Ure rkvfgrapr vf veevgngvat, ohg fur npghnyyl vfa'g dhvgr nf naablvat va guvf fgbel. Gurer jrer guerr crbcyr shysvyyvat gur cebcurpl, fgnaqvat va gur ehvaf bs Tnyyvserl juvyr gvzr haeniryrq nebhaq gurz. Fur jnf bar bs gurz. Nabgure GNEQVF ehaavat nebhaq jvgu nqiragheref... zber ybbfr fgevatf. Ubj znal gvzr geniryvat erartnqrf ner gurer va gur QJ havirefr, vtabevat gur Gvzr Jne jvcvat bhg fb znal? I didn't hate this, I just found it problematic in many ways.
I've also watched a little bit of Arrow and The Flash, but I'm going to wait until we're caught up before I review those.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Sep 16th
  • Green Lantern: The Lost Army #4 - This doesn't feel like it advances the story all that much, although it does seem to me like every drama has the main character get captured in order to learn more information, so I guess we'll take it like that.
  • UFOlogy #5 - Everything is coming together into a finale, and this issue has a lot of the answers I've been wondering at, including a couple of flashbacks that pretty much clear up how the story started. Now I just wonder how it's going to finish.
  • Fiction #4 - I'm not sure how much I understand of this book. Perhaps reading the whole thing in one sitting would make a difference.
  • Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #21 - As usual, if you are a Simpsons fan, you'll probably enjoy this. If not, why would you get it anyway? The first story is a take on Gremlins featuring Apu, while the second tale is a take on Left Behind that I've never seen, but found hilarious. The final story riffs on Metropolis, and also has its moments. Heck, there's an Oz reference in the final story, so Eric was happy. This is the 21st annual issue of this book... it could legally drink now.
  • Usagi Yojimbo #148 - Wow. This is a really good issue of an always great book. Usagi meets a one-handed swordsman, who tells his story. As always, there are bits and pieces that have meaning later in the story. It's also great to see the bandits in the beginning and notice how they signal one another. Good stuff, worth multiple rereads.
  • Sep 23rd
  • Harley Quinn & Power Girl #4 - I kind of want a caticorn. Harley is hilarious in this, while Power Girl plays it straight and therefore makes Harley even funnier. Vartox, in the meantime, was funniest when he got nekked. This has been a really funny if disturbing series. I think it's nearly done.
  • Sinestro #15 - I absolutely despise the new Lobo, to the degree of just thinking he's a waste of ink. That said, I was curious what Sinestro wants with Walker. And I was getting on the hope, too, like Walker. Until that final page... like Walker. Sinestro has the potential to be a beneficial dictator, but he attracts trouble to where he lives, so I'm not sure those folks are going to be better off even after he terraforms their planet.
  • Batman '66 #27 - The memorial to Yvonne Craig on the final page is classy. As for the rest, lots of fun with Bane. I'm amused by the Riddler's involvement with him. The silly attempt of the commissioner and O'Hara to infiltrate Bane's hometown was also fun, if stupid. Overall, excellent issue.
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #12 - So many jokes. So many puns. So incredibly amusing. I'm loving this book in general, and this was a particularly funny issue.
  • Astro City #27 - This issue was amazingly cute. I mean, amazingly. The concept was great, the execution wonderful. I didn't even mind the change of artist, mostly. This was a heckuva origin story and one that I think I'll read again. This was just great, and I'm not even much of a fan of the chibi style.
  • Oddly Normal #10 - Disappointed that this is the last single issue of this book that'll be out, but it's nice it will be continuing as trades. I just have to remember to get it! This was fun, with the school bus and the teacher comments merging with the storyline. But there wasn't a lot of story here, mostly set-up for the future. It'll be May before I get more of Oddly!
  • Doctor Who 2015: Four Doctors #5 - That was a really odd and twisty mini-series, with a lot of timey-wimey stuff. I loved the cameo at the end. Lots of fun in this one, but very hard to follow.
  • Sep 30th
  • Aquaman #44 - Wow. At least Aquaman knows what's happening now. I'm not sure what else to say about this, except we get a rather entertainingly framed info-dump. And there's a lovely cliffhanger, too.
  • Green Lantern Annual #4 - We start to get an answer to what really happened, then it goes away. This was a frustrating issue of more and more set up, and not a whole lot of story. Even the tantalizing bits were just teases.
  • Justice League #44 - Still no Aquaman in this book. Still no interest in this plotline at all. I don't care how much it effects the DCU in the future, without Aquaman, I'm bored.
  • Wonder Woman '77 Special #2 - Three solid little stories in here, the first featuring Cheetah, the second a new villainess, and the third was a surprise: Solomon Grundy. Lots of neat original writing with fun plots and cool twists, along with that classic feel-good superhero. There was one single flat point for me. Doctor Minerva was upset she had to clean up her exhibition... but museums change displays constantly. She would know she'd get the space back in awhile, so it just seems odd to me that it would upset her so much.
  • Doctor Who 10th Year Two #1 - I just want to note that all the Doctor Who titles are getting confusing, especially the ones that are now in "year two" so I end up saying, "Doctor Who 10-2-1" when I'm referring to them. Anyway... this issue is pretty good. I already liked Gabby, and having her basically figure out the problem was cool. The world that was created for this issue was also really neat. I'm enjoying it a lot and can hardly wait for part two.
  • Doctor Who 12th #12 - Ok, that was a creepy start. And a creepy middle. And I'm not sure, but I'm kind of creeped out by the end, too. Not that it was an actual end, mind, just a cliffhanger. Funny, the bits about sleeping considering a recent episode of the show itself. The mini-comic in the back was amusing as well.
  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency #4 - I guess I'm a little better able to figure out this book now, all the plotlines are pulling together and meeting in the same place. But I'm still a bit "meh" on the whole thing.


ShellyS said...

I've long enjoyed your Sunday reviews, and I do appreciate you wanting to obscure spoilers, but sadly, for me, I'm not enjoying the posts much since you started using a service to scramble the words. It means I have to copy your post into whatever translation site you're using, and that's just too much work, given how many blogs I read, all of them in a feedreader.

Tegan said...

Depending on what browser you use, there are plenty of add-ons/extensions/plug-ins that automatically change ROT13 (which is just rotating the letters of the alphabet 13 spaces).

Since I got complaints when I didn't use any anti-spoiler methods or just attempted to turn the spoilers to the background color, I doubt I'll stop using ROT13. I'm sorry.

ShellyS said...

I use Chrome and read in Feedly. I only visit a blog to comment. I wouldn't ask you to change what you're doing, but I just thought I'd tell you how much I had enjoyed reading your reviews and that now I can't. Of course, the same can be said about spoilers for the comic book reviews. Some of us are way behind on our comics reading. I sure am. :)

Happy Holidays!

Tegan said...

If you are further behind than I am, I'm slightly amazed.

ShellyS said...

I'm not doing too badly with the single issues. It's the collected editions of the comics I don't buy in single issues that's the problem. Stacks of them, a foot high each. Finally finished reading the last 3 Jack of Fables trades.