Sunday, May 01, 2016

Another One Down

Black Gate declines a Hugo Nomination for the second year in a row. They graciously withdrew themselves from consideration last year, and they've done the same this year. However, I believe that they may have gotten on the ballot fair-and-square this year. I know I nominated them, in part because I paid attention last year and knew who they were because of their stance.

They claim they didn't have a chance to win. I dispute that. While File 770 is a great fanzine, Black Gate certainly would have been right up there too. And nobody can accuse them of being anything other than a "poison pill" or "human shield" put up by the rabids.

While I'm disappointed, I also respect them for this choice. I hope they reap the benefits of trying their best to be worthy of fandom's support.

For the record, I think that's two of the rabid's slate nominees that have declined to be puppy chow: Black Gate and Thomas Mays.