Saturday, May 28, 2016

Audio Blog - My Thoughts on Hugo Novel Finalists

Download as MP3.

This runs about four and a half minutes. Please, if you actually listen to it, feel free to leave feedback. Am I too quiet? Do I talk too fast? Do you like it, want more? Hate it, think I ought to stick to writing? I need some feedback like I need water. I'm parched.


Bonnie McDaniel said...

No, you didn't talk too fast, and I appreciated your thoughts.

For what it's worth, I pretty much agree with your rankings (and I'm really hoping The Fifth Season takes the rocket). I'm reading Seveneves now, and though I'm not even halfway done, I simply don't think it's as good as the top three (Jemison, Leckie, Novik). The Butcher is up next, but if The Aeronaut's Windlass sticks to his usual fun-but-fluffy form, it won't come close to the Jemisin.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your podcast. Not too fast, not too quiet, and hearing your voice gives that lovely personal touch to your blog. It does need opening and closing music, as you said.

I am not a person who usually listens to podcasts, so if I hadn't been REALLY interested in the topic, I wouldn't have clicked it.

I like what you said about the books.