Monday, April 24, 2017

Oh, Hugo...

I got my email that voting for the Hugo Awards is now open. There has been at least one change to the ballot since I first posted it, but anyone who actually wants to keep up with the Hugos should already be following File 770 and therefore should already know about the change.

I have until July 15th to make my decisions. Whew.

And, no, I haven't gotten the packet yet. I hope to get that soon enough to really dig in, but in the meantime I'm working off this list. I hope I get into a serious "reading mood" soon so I can get through my piles of comic books AND all the Hugo reading.

Where I stand right now:

  • Novels - none read.
  • Novellas - one read.
  • Novelette - two read.
  • Short Story - two read.
  • Related Work - none read.
  • Graphic Story - none read. (no, I haven't read any of the finalists. Shush. I'm more a DC girl than Marvel and Image.)
  • Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) - two seen.
  • Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) - one seen.
The remaining categories aren't for individual works, but I have some idea of how I'm going to vote in a couple of those categories - with the possibility of my mind changing when I get the packet and check everything out, of course.

There aren't as many puppy poops to worry about this time, if I do reviews I'll note any that I'm ignoring on the strength of them being previously puppy-associated or being clear puppy manure.

And, yes, I have my Worldcon supporting membership for both next year and 2019 now. I'm going to continue to vote and nominate as long as I'm able.